What is the ‘voidloop’?

void setup;




—- Is an important command taken from processing code.  There is nothing  before you instruct a computer to ‘void setup’ or ‘void draw’. The void is an identified space in the programme where commands and actions are subsequently written.



// Processing and Arduino language that instructs a series of commands and processes to be repeated

// until otherwise stated.

voidloop setup;

// These two specific terms can be described to be physically happening between the sensors, actuators and the user within

// the room where the ‘voidloop’ system is installed.

disruptive technologies;



We are developing a system that allows the user to influence the spatial characteristics of a room.  Occupants are allowed to control and manipulate a system of three actuators and three sensors that can interact with each other.

Each actuator is calibrated, using processing code, to respond to each of the movalbe sensory devices in a particular way.

The user can select which actuator is controlled by which sensor by operating the user interface that is left to run on a computer in the room. There is a graph on the interface that displays the readings from the sensors over the past 30 minutes. This helps the user to understand the past characteristcs of the room and gives them an insight to how their decisions will alter the room. The user has the power to decide if they want to emulate or rebel against the previous users. The decision they make will have a subsequent affect on the room and cause a reaction from the people within it.

Each connection between a sensor and an actuator is recorded in a data list.  The readings from the sensors are also saved to create an historical collection of events within the space. The user also the option of writing a comment which is added to the data.

The system becomes a loop of interaction between the user and the sensory environemnt. The aims are to learn new skills that allow us to percieve and alter our surroundings in a different way, and broaden our understanding of the effects technology is having on the space we inhabit.