This is the website for the ‘Immaterial’ project in our ongoing Master of Architecture studio unit – Disruptive Technologies: Material and Immaterial at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

We are Richard Bush, Tyler Chan and Alastair Powell, being tutored by Chris Speed, Remo Pedreschi and assistance from Chris Hand.

In this half  of the semester we are exploring the ‘Immaterial’ realm of architecture. Prior to this project we have approched our work with a very detailed experience of the ‘material’ . Our previous ‘material’ project was using concrete and dealt with the traits of concrete construction, expression and materiality. However, the ‘immaterial’ was present in our physical structure, the resultant of a personal, immaterial coded discussion and process of decision, governed by rules, technique and an evolution of understanding our medium.

Analysing the process of the material has guided us into questioning what the ‘immaterial’ means to architecture. What is the Immaterial in Architecture? How does it exist? There is evidence that the immaterial world has transformed our interaction and interpretation the social domain and how we interpret the tangible world around us.

In the context of Disruptive Technologies, we will be looking at systems currently used in other professions or areas and using them in our own way – to ‘hack’ these technologies to meet our needs and generate new outcomes.


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